Science & Belief: The Big Issues - DVD

RE Today Services And The Templeton Foundation

ISBN: 120126 Published: 31 March 2012 Format: DVD Pages: Phase: £5.50


Religious belief has come under attack in the media by certain prominent scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, giving the impression that science and religion are locked in conflict. How would you address the controversies surrounding science and belief with young people in your school or church?

Science & Belief: The Big Issues tackles controversial issues of science and belief through twelve video programmes in a balanced presentation. Developed by Professor Russell Stannard working with RE Today Services, he addresses the enquiry and debate, leading young people to think about and comment on the questions raised by scientific discoveries.

This dynamic tool is and a rich resource for education and good learning in school and church environments. The series also includes discussion notes for Teachers and Church Leaders, enabling them to open up debate among young people in their own discussion groups.

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