Fresh From The Word 2019

Nathan Eddy

ISBN: 9780857218834 Published: 08 August 2018 Format: A5 Paperback Pages: 374 Phase: £9.95  £5.00
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Fresh From The Word offers 365 sets of notes, prayers and suggestions for action on biblical themes.

The pace of life is unrelenting; even the Church can feel rushed. Consider life in the 'modern' desert - a place of stillness, waiting and hoping - which we explore in Lent. Take the Bible with you to the movies as we explore biblical themes in films. Music in the Bible, cosmic waters, sacred space, gossip and familiar quotes from the Bible all feature as topics for lively reflection. We round off with a consideration of 'Plan B' - when life doesn't go as planned - and Christmas with the Prophets. Luke is our year's gospel, with continuous readings from Psalms, Daniel and Deuteronomy.


"This is a diverse daily resource for individual Bible study (though some of the more question-led material could work for groups). It has a refreshing mix of approaches to biblical reflection and analysis - references to Iron Man and Star Wars, the #MeToo abuse scandal, and more traditional literary and personal reflections. The international contributors highlight the Bible's relevance for the big issues of today, including power, the environment and migration."
Reform, February 2019
"The discipline of daily prayer and meditation is not always easy, but this is an attractively presented book that will help anyone to get into the rhythm of a 'quiet time' at some point of each day (it doesn't have to be first thing in the morning, though often that is the best time).
With an impressive range of contributors from across the denominations and around the world - including many Methodists - you are never short of different perspectives on the Scriptures.
In a foreword, the Rev the Lord Griffiths says he has never hesitated to recommend IBRA notes to the congregations he has served down the years. 'May they be a lamp unto your feet,' he urges. I couldn't agree more."
John Singleton, Methodist Recorder January 2019