Big Big Questions Book & CD

Stephen Fischbacher, Lat Blaylock & Fiona Moss

ISBN: 9780993165207 Published: 01 March 2015 Format: Paperback Pages: 81 Phase: £33.00


Fischy Music songs have been very effectively used in Primary Schools across the UK and beyond for many years in health and well-being, RE and collective worship settings. We believe that songs can have a profound positive effect on helping children to:

Articulate Deep Feelings and Thoughts
Remember Important things
Understand Not Just Cerebrally but also Emotionally
Connect with themselves, other people, their world and beyond their world
Find comfort and Hope

In Big Big Questions we have used 12 Fischy Music songs as a catalyst to help explore and reflect on some Key RE Themes. We believe that the songs will help you get under the surface of some of these themes and enable children to be able to connect in a deeper way with the themes we are exploring.

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