Hillytown Biscuit Church

Ruth Whiter

ISBN: 9781905893157 Published: 01 February 2008 Format: paperback Pages: 116 Phase: View PDF extract £5.99


Hillytown Biscuit Church is written for children aged 6-9, especially those who realise they are unusual in that they go to church on Sundays. For confident readers to read alone or for families to share, here is a book that:
-celebrates the experience of children in church
-tackles childhood and church issues
-candidly observes adult behaviour
-recognises the importance of biscuits.
Please take a look at this lego animation of the flood scene from this book:


"I found the cover and the title of this book really appealing - just like the biscuits, it is hard to resist. The story is about a shy young girl called Nancy who goes to a church which has a few other children. A new family joins and Nancy becomes friends with their daughter. However, things are a bit frosty between the two mums and they need a little help from their daughters to get along. The book is an ideal length and the realistic story enables you to understand how Nancy feels about her difficulties. The book says it is for 6-9 year olds, but I am almost 11 and I still enjoyed it!"
Megan, Families First Magazine, September 2008.

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