Hillytown Biscuit Church at Garibaldi Hall

Ruth Whiter

ISBN: 9781905893263 Published: 16 October 2009 Format: 198 x 129mm Paperback Pages: 128 Phase: View PDF extract £5.99


The Hillytown Biscuit Church children are off for a church weekend away at Garibaldi Hall, forty miles away. Jake's dad, Luke, has had the crazy idea that they'll cycle there with Jake on the secondhand trailerbike he has just bought him. The bike becomes a crucial part of the weekend's adventures during which Jake finds out just why his dad is a very special kind of hero.


"An extremely enjoyable book based on the reality of the lives of today's children. It doesn't pander to sentimentality or preach to its readers. IF you have children in your church of this age group, buy each of them these books; if you have children or grandchildren of this age range get these books for them - and while you're at it buy a copy for yourself!"
Moira Kleissner, school librarian and teacher, Baptist Times March 2010.

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