Held in Hope - Series of 4

Written by Victoria Beech with the Paediatric Children's Network. Illustrated by Rhiannon Mollart

ISBN: AA130205 Published: 01 March 2011 Format: 190 x 120mm Paperback Pages: Phase: £15.00


Buy these 4 special books for the discounted price of GBP15 for the set, usual price GBP5.99 each:
1. Maya Goes to Hospital, About a child who discovers that Jesus is with her everywhere she goes, even in hospital.
2. Josh Stays in Hospital, About a child who often has to stay in hospital and discivers that Jesus is with him and will help him.
3. Sam and his Special Book, About a child who is life limited, sharing a book about his life and wondering what heaven might be like.
4. Jesus Still Loves Joe, About a child whose sister has died, and he is reminded that God loves him no matter how he feels.
These books are available seperately at GBP5.99 each.

Held In Hope Anniversary: Celebrating 10 years of extra special support

10 years ago, we published four special books by Victoria Beech and the Paediatric Children's Network to be an extraordinary resource to those who care for young children at the worst of times! The Held in Hope series are four sensitively written, beautifully illustrated stories of young children facing a hospital stay, serious or life limiting illness, dealing with death of a sibling and showing them where God, and Jesus are in these frightening experiences. They are written to help those who care with the words that escape us at this crucial time of need and help start the most difficult conversations parents and carers encounter.

You can read the full blog here: Held In Hope Anniversary: Remembering 10 years (ibraglobal.org)

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