Held in Hope Series 4 for GBP15

Written by Victoria Beech with the Paediatric Children's Network. Illustrated by Rhiannon Mollart

ISBN: AA130205 Published: 01 March 2011 Format: 190 x 120mm Paperback Pages: Phase: £15.00


Buy these 4 special books for the discounted price of GBP15 for the set, usual price GBP5.99 each:
1. Maya Goes to Hospital, About a child who discovers that Jesus is with her everywhere she goes, even in hospital.
2. Josh Stays in Hospital, About a child who often has to stay in hospital and discivers that Jesus is with him and will help him.
3. Sam and his Special Book, About a child who is life limited, sharing a book about his life and wondering what heaven might be like.
4. Jesus Still Loves Joe, About a child whose sister has died, and he is reminded that God loves him no matter how he feels.
These books are available seperately at GBP5.99 each.

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